Everything happens for a good reason


Life is complicated and complex with all its uncertainties and unexpected outcomes. But is it complicated by nature and is it our perception that makes it so? Are expectations leading to disappointments? Is it fate that is to be blamed?

Lets look at the chain of events that occurred today when I was heading to a Tax filing office early in the morning. First thing I notice when I reach the parking lot is its raining heavily when I am already running late. I curse the rains and get into the car. I drove at 30mph speed with less than 25% visibility and reached the venue more than half an hour late than I had expected.Once I entered the floor of the office I found a long queue of around 40 people ahead of me in the queue. Then I got to know that they accept only 10 applications per day. Gosh! I felt like hitting myself for being late and I cursed the rains again.

Suddenly a thought ran into my head when I saw a queue of around 20-30 people standing behind me – “Hey! Rains actually helped us”. If it hadn’t been the rains the rest of them would have probably reached there earlier and our chance to reach the counter could have been slimer. It just occured to me that its just a matter of how we look at certain situations that makes all the difference.

Its all a matter of perception. If we thought about our past experiences and compared them to our present we would realize that there was a good reason for that particular event to have occurred. However at that particular point we would have felt sad or upset about something not going our way. But when we look backwards we find the reason convincing and in most cases the situation would have eventually done us some good.

What if we change this perception and look at the present as a means to reach that good consequence in future? For example if your girlfriend/boyfriend dumps you today you see it as reason for finding a better person who deserves your love in future. If you fail in an exam you look at it as a second chance to be better prepared or in some cases a chance to look for other avenues which will eventually save you from your failing attempts.If you are fired from the job you look at it as an opportunity to work on your pending business idea. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world with no room for sadness.

However this can also lead a person to become complacent and lazy having taken things the way they are and not working towards improving their chance to succeed. The bottom-line is that looking at the positive side of a situation is not a replacement for hard work. One must use it as a catalyst to achieve their goals and synergize the best potential in them and not as an excuse to let go.

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First Blog Writing Experience


This is my first blog and I am still struggling to find ways in which I can add text or understand the difference in how a page or a post would appear when I publish it. So this one goes as a test blog.

I feel like a child in a world where people have their own websites or fan pages with a page full of blogs to share  and here I am trying to write my first blog. Seems to be my first baby step into the world of blogging.Its exciting and makes me feel like its a chat window to the entire world.Wow! thats like BLOGGING being the new language of communication with the listeners being the world audience.

Is this the same experience that each one of you had? What would be the reason for us to blog.Let me guess- need to vent out your thoughts, anger,love,frustration or may be just a plain simple way to have a digital document about your life experiences which you can refer once you are old. Whatever the reason could be there is something that brings each one of us to blogging whether you are young or old.

The reasons for which I am writing this first post on my blog is to pen down the feelings in me wondering if that will help me understand myself better. I feel written communication remains longer in memory that just verbal. Blogging is my way to retain these experiences of life in my memory and share these to the world to know what do they feel about it. Sometimes in life we think we are alone in our journey of life but we forget that there are many people who are going through the same or might have had the same experiences in the past. This helps us learn from them or teach them from our experience what can be best done in certain situations.

I intend to use this forum to list my experiences in life here onwards to leave a digital footprint of my life behind for the rest to follow or in some situations not to follow and make their life a better place to live in.

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